It could be argued that maybe the title of this post relates to this blog. After all, it does seem to fit with so few posts this year.

Unfortunately though, the “sideline” is about me and running. It’s been a strange year with all sorts of issues, both running-related and not.

Now I just have to plan the slow crawl back, hopefully in time for spring races. The doctor has told me to take some time off and to go to a physical therapist.

I’ve already limited my running, and I had already started to work more on strength and stretching, so the recommendation isn’t much different.

I’m going to try to hold myself to writing about progress on this blog. It could be an interesting journey back to running as much as I want to.

I suspect that some minor issue earlier in the year has caused a slight change in gait, which in turn has caused more issues. My calf muscles are tighter than they have ever been and there has been an impact on other muscles in my ankles from that. Interestingly, I’ve found that barefoot running is much easier and causes fewer issues for me than even wearing my minimalist shoes. Luckily, I also now have some Skinners socks. I will have to write a review of those soon (very soon).