Getting back to full fitness for the Newport Liberty Half

It’s been a difficult year for me training-wise, and the summer is never an easy time to keep on track with a full training plan. All those summer parties, the heat, vacations, and so on, take their toll on your ability to keep your desired mileage, but if you have been able to maintain a good base, in theory, getting back to where you want to be in time for the Newport Liberty Half on Sunday September 18th is still possible.

I do have to admit I’ve somehow managed a couple of runs around 10 miles in the last month, but my weekly mileage has only been in the 20s for some of that, and there was one busy week with a shocking 7.3 mile total (over two runs – Monday and the following Sunday!).

This may look reasonable, but in past years the Newport Liberty Half has been a goal race – it was my Half Marathon PR course and likely would still be if I didn’t take part in a different Half Marathon the week before last year which became my new PR (my time in the 2015 Newport race was still faster than my previous PR despite that), and this year has had less mileage and less speed.

My goal now is just to see how fast I can run despite the reduction in training over last year. I’m putting together a plan for increasing my mileage, incorporating speed work by incorporating weekly track workout, strides, and progression runs over the coming weeks.

As with last year, I am excited to be a blog partner for the race for which the race organizers have provided a free entry. As I mentioned last year, I have blogged about this race before becoming a blog partner, and this has no influence over what I write about the race. For last year’s race review, click here. When you sign up, don’t forget to mention you read about the race here.

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