Fall season starts early

The USATF Championship starts up again this weekend with the Belmar Chase 5k – this is a Masters Men team race this year and brings the start of the fall season firmly into August.

Also earlier than usual, next weekend, is the first of the cross country races that form part of the team championship. Last year the 8k was at Natirar Park, but a decision was made to hold the 5k there this year (perhaps to avoid the second time on the loop that takes you over that nasty hill).

A few weeks later is a race that I’m hoping will bring with it a PR, the Newport Liberty Half Marathon. I’ve been aiming for the fall half marathons all year with my training, and hopefully there won’t be a repeat of last year’s high temperatures to stop this being the one to PR on. This was always on my list, mostly due to it being a team championship race, but I am an official blogger this year (for which I have received a free entry – note that any opinion of the race in this blog is in no way influenced by this. I have blogged about previous years without this incentive) and, with the exception of last year, it has been a successful course for me. Of course my 10 day vacation may have something to say about how fast I will be, but to be fair I did run twice, one of those on an awesome run with Jimmy of Las Vegas Running Tours (more to come on that in an upcoming post).

If you’re looking for points in the USATF NBGP (latest standings can be found here) this is a good race to do – the large field typically means higher points. As you can only use 2 700 point races, this should nudge out either the Clinton 15k or the Miles for Music 20k from the scoring for many of the runners who will have done all 3.

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