Running the Newport 10k again

The Newport 10k, the first Saturday in May, has been on the USATF Team Championship schedule since 2007 (and started before that), which is before I even started running. It has grown in size quite considerably since then and attracts a wide range of runners.

In a state where you can pick from multiple 5k races every weekend, the 10k distance is a little harder to find, and for those who have already run a few shorter distances and want to push themselves this is the ideal distance. When I started running I chose to run just my local 5ks and I wasn’t really aware of what else was out there until I joined the running club (but by that point I had signed up for a half marathon six months away and it was late in the year so there were very few races in that time period where I could try something in between).

The Newport 10k is a very flat course so it is probably an ideal choice for a first attempt at the distance, and it’s definitely a good choice for a PR if you already have some 10k races under your belt (so far I have managed a PR each of the 3 times I have run it). It also has a good atmosphere, and a picturesque course (on the whole). I wrote a comprehensive post of my experience there two years ago which can be found by clicking here – reading back on it I seem to have had fun despite the rain.

I wasn’t sure it would fit with my plans for this year (mainly because of my involvement in organizing the Highland Park 5k which unfortunately takes place the day after this race this year), but I’ve decided I’m in again for this year – I don’t expect to PR this time, but I’ll definitely give it a try.

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