Finding time to run

Over the last few months I’ve made many excuses for not running more often, but I am getting back on track, sort of.

My aim for the new year is to run more miles (more than 2014 at least). Even though I haven’t been at work since before Christmas, it’s been harder than I expected to get out running. Now that’s partly due to the many festivities, but it’s also because the kids are not at school.

Yesterday and today, I found ways around taking care of the kids and running at the same time. Yesterday I put on my cross country running shoes – Inov-8 BareGrip 200 (I really have to write a review of these shoes – I bought them on a recommendation of a friend who had one of the other versions that it not zero drop to get ready for a cross country race that I had tried to avoid – turns out with the right shoes, cross country may not be that bad after all), and took the kids (plus an extra one – one of my kids friends) and headed to the local park with a selection of balls and frisbees. I set them up in the field and ran loops around where they were playing (which included a hill so that must count as a hill work out), pausing briefly each time round to kick a ball, or chase them. I managed 6 loops (3 in each direction) before one of the kids ignored my instructions (closely followed by a second kid) and strayed into a really boggy section of the field and tried to jump over the water. As it was only a little above freezing and it soaked through their shoes and socks, that was pretty much game over.


Today, not wanting to miss a run because I know I won’t be running tomorrow, I got the kids on their bikes (just my two this time), and headed to the local track. This location would allow them to ride their bikes, play on the playground, or just run around while I worked out.

It worked perfectly, and I managed 5 x 800m repeats while they played happily (only bothering me occasionally for a snack or to find out when I would come and play with them).


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