RVRR Summer Series

Last year I wrote about the RVRR Summer Series in relation to the Kids Races that run alongside the event. I didn’t talk much about the 5k apparently.

This year I had decidedĀ to volunteer at these races, and not run them at all. So, after volunteering for the first 3, I am not quite sure how I found myself running in race number 4. I think I got caught up in the build up that promised some people running in costumes.

I didn’t go with a costume as such; I decided to wear one of my Sport Kilts. I don’t usually run in these because they are a little on the heavy side particularly when wet, and although it wasn’t raining, it was hot and humid.

Thanks to Michael Given for the great photos at this event.

Thanks to Michael Given for the great photos at this event.

The race went about as well as I expected (i.e. it was hard and felt slow), but my time was in line with what I had done last year so I can’t complain. I’m still not sure whether I just don’t like cross country, or if it’s just that I don’t like this course (I’m going to go with not liking cross country though).

For me I think these races will be all about the kids. I usually end up leading out the kids as the “rabbit” and some of those kids areĀ fast – the first week one girl ran around a 6:30 mile – and I also get to run with my own kids too.

Thanks again Michael Given

Thanks again Michael Given



Catch up

The title of this blog posts combines a reference to my lack of blog activity as well as my running in general.

The first of my goals this year was going to be tough – breaking the 19 minute barrier in a 5k. With last June’s Lager Run giving me a 19:15, I was hopeful that I could maybe break that time this year. My preparation, while not perfect, was not too bad. Thanks to RVRR speed sessions throughout the spring that pushed me hard, I felt relatively fast. However, I wasn’t backing that up with anywhere near the number of miles I was running a year ago, and ultimately I think what I gained in speed I lost in stamina and my 5k times have largely remained static this year.

For comparison:
May: Highland Park 5k 2014: 19:27, 2013: 19:28
Jun: Presidents Cup 5k 2014: 19:41, 2013: 19:41
Jun: Lager Run 5k 2014: 19:32, 2013: 19:15

So, what comes next? The other goal for the year is the half marathon and for that I need to increase my mileage and I’ve started doing that already to some extent, but I still need to get out and run more often.

Alongside this, I have decided to work on my core strength and flexibility. This is something I believe helped last year so I’m hoping I can work hard enough to gain those benefits again.