Sleepless nights because of a 5k?

A 5k race doesn’t normally induce sleepless nights, but I just took part in one that did. To be fair, it wasn’t the actual running part that caused the sleepless nights, it was the fact that I had taken on the role of joint race director for this particular 5k and all the details were playing on my mind in the final few days.

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, 4 years ago I was not a runner (I was a cyclist) – my town has had a 5k every May since 2009 and I’m not sure what it was that made me enter it in 2010 but that was the first step to me becoming a runner. This year, through a series of events, I ended up volunteering to help organize it (with the help of a friend who has been race director for another race – EBRR; without that, I would not have known where to start and may not have done it at all).

We were lucky that this was the 6th year of this event. It meant that many of the procedures for the day itself were already in place to a certain extent and there were individuals who step up every year and take on specific roles.

There were some things we did that hadn’t been done before – we got local radio to come out and DJ at the finish area, we set up the website, and we got a local preschool (Yellow Brick Road) involved with the kids races.

Overall things seemed to run smoothly and the feedback after the event was positive. The kids races were particularly successful – a reported 75 children signed up which made it a great event in itself. This part was the most amazing part of the day for me and made it all so worthwhile. We ended up with 6 different runs for the kids – from a 50m dash to 200m.


I even got to run the 5k myself and got another personal course record. Last year I wrote about this race here, in particular about my 1 second PR because I ran the course one second faster than the previous year. My overall 5k PR is now at another race, but this year I did the same thing again, and finished 1 second faster than last year. What are the odds on that happening?

So, my results for this race over the years look like this:

2014: 19:27
2013: 19:28
2012: 19:29
2011: 21:40
2010: 24:29


Me approaching the finish.

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