Before I was a runner…

10 things about me from before I was a runner…

  1. I always said I would never be a runner.
  2. I thought running was boring, even for short distances.
  3. I assumed runners always get injured, damaged their knees, etc. and while I know several injured runners, I’ve been lucky, or perhaps it’s not been luck, perhaps it’s a result of running in zero drop shoes.
  4. The idea of running 26.2 miles seemed crazy (actually, it still does).
  5. I’m sure I wasn’t such a competitive person (or perhaps it just wasn’t as obvious).
  6. When it is several degrees below freezing that was a time to stay indoors, now it’s time to go out for a run.
  7. As a cyclist I never tried to convince anyone they should become one too, but I admit I have done this as a runner.
  8. I weighed more.
  9. I was never addicted to anything.
  10. I had casual clothes that were not related to running.

Hat, t-shirt, jacket. Nobody gives out clothing for the bottom half, right?

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5 Responses to Before I was a runner…

  1. Great list – I nodded all the way through 🙂

    • runnj says:

      Thanks – been meaning to write this for a while, but my blog has been semi-abandoned. Hoping to get back to posting more regularly again.

  2. Nice list. 26.2 is crazy and yet I think i’m signing up for another one. You should try it! (that’s me convincing another runner to run farther) I will take the cooler weather to run in any day! I’m not sure I can remember what I was like when I wasn’t running and it hasn’t even been that long. I guess that comes with being a runner! 😉

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