Time to get started

As I mentioned in my last post I feel like things have been slower in my running life, both in speed, and in frequency/distance (and with keeping up this blog). With the first USATF NJ team race approaching fast I feel like I need to start focusing, so I have a plan.

Today I looked at what races I would try to do this year, and this is what I have so far: http://www.blog.runnj.org/upcoming-races/

This would be only 15 races for the year (if it stays like this, and counting 3 races at the Runner’s World Festival) which is less than last year but I am sure that others will come up.

As I can now be used for the RVRR Open and 40’s teams I am planning to run the majority of the races where that counts (annotated in the list with the USATF division for the race). Given my recent feelings of slowness (and heaviness) I had doubts about running Miles for Music in a couple of weeks, but perhaps I’ll surprise myself. It’s an all divisions race and I can run for both the 40’s team and the open team in the same race so that’s where I felt the pressure to run.

I’m feeling better about things already.

Now I just need a plan of attack, and hopefully RVRR can help with that too with their plan to organize individual track workout plans. It may be a slow start but I intend to try for those targets I set myself of 5k, 10k and Half Marathon personal records.

This sort of focused training may provide me with motivation to post here more regularly too.


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