No skirt in winter, except for the guy raising money for charity

I think it was just over two years ago that I last talked about running in the cold on this blog. Nothing much has changed since then in terms of the clothing I wear (and there have been plenty of very cold days this year to test out my Col’d Lizard tights – and, yes, they have done very, very well as my sole layer in temperatures of below 8°F).

There is, however, one thing that has changed from previous winters. I haven’t been wearing shorts over my leggings. I used to wear the shorts so that I had pockets, but also partly because of how tight they were. Now I have a small belt which holds all I need, or I wear a top with pockets and carry items there (usually just a key). Also, I’m not so self conscious about wearing tight leggings. I attribute this to my year of skirt wearing.

As I’ve moved to tights for the cold weather the skirts have been tucked away in the drawer, but don’t worry, when the warm weather comes along they will return!

Speaking of running skirts, I was just contacted by someone who is running the Boston Marathon in a skirt for a great cause, and for reaching certain fundraising goals he has pledged to do certain things including run all remaining training runs in a skirt. As he’s already passed that goal, he has a new target for which he will do all these things for a race later in the year. Read his story here.