The Good and The Bad

The only reason I’m blogging today is because all other plans went out of the window when I got hit by this cold. The aches and blocked nose have interrupted sleep and has led me to being forced to rest (it’s a shame because the weather is perfect and we were planning a trip to a food festival today). The good thing I suppose is that we’re still two weeks from the Philadelphia Marathon so I expect I should be well and truly over it by then.

The last month and a half of my marathon training have not been what I expected. The last time I ran 20 miles was September 14th, and only one run since then has come anywhere near close to that distance (17.25 miles this past Monday in a last ditch attempt to do a long run, which I made harder by foolishly running way too fast – I averaged about 7:42/mile on that one). I wonder how this lack of miles in the last 5 or 6 weeks will impact me during the race.

On the positive side, I know my general fitness is pretty good. Since that 20 mile run in mid-September I have managed to PR in both 10k (EBRR)  and half marathon (Newport Liberty) races, and I felt strong running the hat trick at the Runner’s World Festival. I also worked out why I had some knee issues, and that issue appears to have been sorted out.

All in all, everything should work out reasonably well. It’s my first marathon so I shouldn’t worry too much about time. It’s just about finishing (got to keep repeating this because I still have that goal in mind – you know, the one I should be keeping for my second marathon – who knows when that will be – it’s probably a topic for another post – it’s a tough thing to keep running and family life balanced to everyone’s satisfaction when you have young kids).


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