Favorite races for kids in NJ

I don’t always force the family to come along to my races, but there are some races that my kids really enjoy and look forward to.

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RVRR Youth Series


RVRR Youth Series

When they found out that the East Brunswick Road Races were coming up they were very excited. So, here are our favorite kids races in no particular order:

1. East Brunswick Road Races

The kids races take place before the 5k/10k races start (you can even choose which one to run when you’re out on the course – both start at the same time and if you don’t feel like doing the 10k just follow the 5k turnaround to head back). The kids race is known as The Pumpkin Dash and takes place on the baseball field. The kids race in groups organized by age and all receive a ribbon. They also receive a pumpkin – after the races the kids head back over to the registration area where they can pick up their pumpkin and decorate it with the provided supplies.

2. Jimmy D 5k

The carnival atmosphere is the best thing about this one – with various activities for the kids and plenty of food it’s always a fun event for the whole family. The kids races take place on the track after the 5k is over.

3. RVRR Summer (Youth) Series

This year this series of 4 races in June and July moved back to Donaldson Park in Highland Park NJ. Kids can take part in as many of the events as they would like (1/4 mile, 1/2 mile, 1 mile, and the ever popular Lollypop Dash – a short run to claim their lollipop). Each run is also followed by free pizza. I wrote about this event here.

4. Stomp the Monster

First off I have to say that I have not been to this one, but I have heard good things, and it may well make it on to my to-do list for next year. This event is another with a full festival going on, with food, ice cream, bouncy houses, etc.

Let me know if there are others you would recommend!

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