Why running is better than cycling

Okay, let me start by saying that I don’t really think running is better than cycling. It’s just because of what happened today that I am saying that.

As a result of the cancelled 5k, and as I have just signed up for the Tour de Franklin 100k ride (and if you feel like donating to this worthwhile cause: donate here), I decided I would go and ride with the group today (I haven’t been out for a ride with them for months, and missed a lot of rides last year too because of running). As it was going to be cold this morning (just below freezing) I spent some time yesterday switching pedals on my road bike so I could wear my winter shoes (those pedals are usually on my mountain bike as that’s what I usually ride in the winter when it’s cold), and pumping up the tires etc.

As they were planning on 48 miles, I decided it would be too much to ride to the start (this would have made it 60 miles in total), given my lack of cycling over the winter, so I loaded the bike in the car and drove over.

As we rolled away from the bike shop (where we start) I soon noticed that my gears were not working properly, the chain was jumping. Not enough to jump into the next gear, but enough to make riding difficult. I stopped several times to try as many different adjustments as possible but nothing was working.

So, I made my way back to the car (only about half a mile or so at that point) and headed home where I changed into running gear and made it to the start of the club run.

I got in a quick (quicker than expected) 9 mile run, went home, showered, changed, and then drove back to the shop to get them to take a look (and it was about time it was serviced anyway and even though I have the tools, I don’t have the time to spend trying to resolve a problem where I’ve pretty much already reached my knowledge limit in what I can try to fix it). When I got to the shop (Bike N gear in case you’re wondering where to trust with your bike in Central NJ) I had a catch up with Gary (the owner) as I hadn’t seen him for a while, and the guys rolled in from the ride so I chatted with them for a little while too.

So, today I think running is better than cycling because you don’t have equipment that can let you down (except your own legs).

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  1. Frank K. says:

    Yes, cycling is definitely a mix of man/woman and machine. Both need to work.

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