Day 27

This is a recent post from my good friend Rolf.
Rolf pretty much mentored me this year in my first year of what I would consider running “seriously”, and I guess he also pushed me to my limits, but that was not really his doing. He was a bit faster than me, but I was always trying to keep up. Finally, in July I actually beat him in a 5k, but that’s probably partly because he already had an injury that set him on a course for surgery. This post struck a chord with me as it reflects some of the thoughts I’ve been having recently about how much I pushed myself this year, and how I believe that moderation will ultimately make me a better runner. I was fortunate that I didn’t get to a point of injury before I started thinking about this. At the time, I didn’t think Rolf’s injury had an influence on my own thought processes around this, but perhaps, subconsciously, it was at the heart of it.
Here’s to a swift recovery Rolf, and many more runs together in the future.

Running in the cold part 2


I seem to have had a couple of search engine hits on what to wear when running in the cold, so I thought it was worth giving another update because today was my coldest run so far this year (more updates will follow as it gets colder I’m sure). My first post was here: Running in the cold.

Well, by the time I got out to run it was more of an icy rain, but there was a reasonable coating on the cars, and some grassy areas. The temperature was 34˚F (1˚C), and apart from forgetting my Under Armour headband with the bits that covers the ears (I didn’t think about it until I got outside and couldn’t be bothered to go back in to get it), I think I was dressed appropriately.

I was wearing:

  1. Under Armour Coldgear compression long sleeve mock.
  2. Under Armour Coldgear II leggings
  3. Shorts (for the pockets)
  4. ExteOndo cycling jacket (because it was raining/snowing)
  5. Under Armour liner gloves
  6. Injinji socks and Merrell Trail Glove shoes.

The only thing I didn’t really need was the jacket (for warmth anyway). I think I was slightly too hot with it on.

When it’s wet I prefer to just wear my old and trusty Vibram Fivefingers Bikila’s, but with a burn blister on my big toe I didn’t want to take the chance of irritating it, and there’s a band-aid on there which may have made getting them on awkward. I just don’t like having my socks get wet inside my shoes, yet I have no problem with my shoes and feet getting wet and cold all on their own (perhaps I’m a little strange).

This is the first run I’ve been able to do since Thanksgiving day, and I didn’t want to overdo things as I still don’t think I’m back to 100%, but I enjoyed my short , just shy of 3 mile, run. It’s good to get back out again.

Update: a little bit colder – Running in the cold part 3

Another disappointing day

No run for me again. I knew my original plan for the day was completely impossible as I was still trying to regain energy I lost following the events of Friday and Saturday, but I thought I might be able to get a short run in at least; I still don’t feel strong enough, and struggled to walk for just a few blocks without feeling wiped out when I went to the doctor earlier.

My plan for today was to do something that I’ve wanted to do since June. I finally found a day I could take off and actually do something like that, and I get sick. I’m going to try to find another day in the next week or two, so fingers crossed (maybe I can manage this Friday).

My plan is to go out somewhere (most likely Manasquan Reservoir) and just run, for as long as I can (taking it slowly to be on the safe side). This seems like an ideal place, as the trail around the reservoir is about 5 miles so I’ll never be too far from the car. Given my longest run ever is probably about 15 miles I’ll be happy if I can do more than 20.

Anyone else in NJ have any other suggestions for somewhere suitable for such an endeavor?

Unlucky 13th post


First up a word of warning, this post is not about running so feel free to skip. The only reason I am writing about this is to try to clear my head a bit.

This morning, in my 13th post on this blog (and no, I am not in any way superstitious despite my title for this post), I was hoping for at least a partly normal day after being sick in bed all day yesterday. That didn’t really pan out.

Soon after I posted, I went into the bathroom. I had some stomach pains but thought it would pass. All of a sudden I thought I was going to be sick and then almost instantaneously broke out into a really heavy sweat and the next thing I know Joy is there holding me while I’m lying on the floor. Any attempt at movement made me feel light headed, and/or my body shivered violently so I got as comfortable as it is possible to be on a bathroom floor and waited until I felt I could move again, which turned out to be over 3 hours later (I won’t complain about having to spend all day in bed again after that – I wanted nothing more than to be in bed during that time).

In addition to all of that I have all sorts of scrapes and a burn on my big toe where it had presumably been jammed against the radiator pipe (it was the worst time of day in that respect as it was probably the hottest it ever gets). There don’t seem to be any signs that I hit my head (at least not hard) so that’s good.

Now, this isn’t exactly the first time something like this has happened to me, but the most common form is much milder and only when
I do something like cut myself badly (my body just shuts down briefly). It has only been this bad one previous time and I was at a doctor’s office, but this is the only time it has happened with no apparent trigger. Apparently I have some sort of neurological condition.

Joy is great with this stuff and got researching and she discovered that it could actually be related to my stomach bug- apparently this isn’t all that uncommon for sufferers of irritable bowel syndrome (not quite the same as a stomach bug but close enough to put my mind at rest a bit). Anyway, she’s insistent that I go and get checked out sometime and this scared me enough to actually make me do it.

I’m still not sure what this means for my running plans for Monday, I’ll have to see how tomorrow goes but at least I’m starting to feel able to get up and about.